DataPower Series 1-3 KVA 1:1 0.9PF

Data Power Series On line Double Conversion  UPS

1-3 KVA  0.9PF  Tower


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DataPower Series 1-3KVA



   Features :

  • High frequency and double conversion on-line technology.
  • Digitized microprocessor control optimize reliability.
  • Wide input voltage range (110-300V).
  • Input power factor correction.
  • Output power factor 0.8 (0.9 PF is optional)
  • Cold start function.
  • Converter mod availabel.
  • Smart RS232/USB interface for power management (optional).
  • Optional extension battery pack.
  • Comprehensive  display allows easy monitoring and access of UPS status.
  • Compatible with generator set (optional).
  • UPS start up without battery.
  • Fastest charging capacity.
  • ECO mode available.
  • EPO function optional.
  • OVCD optional
DataPower Series 1-3 KVA 1:1 0.9PF
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