Data Power Series 6-10KVA 1:1 0.9PF

Data Power Series On line Double Conversion  UPS

6-10 KVA  0.9PF  Tower


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DataPower Series 6-10k 1:1 0.9PF


  • N+X parallel redundancy
  •  Online double conversion with DSP control
  •  Input current harmonic: <5%
  •  Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery: 16/18/20 pieces (optional)
  •  factor is changed when selection different battery quantity 16pc:0.7PF; 18PCS:0.8PF; 20PCS:0.9PF
  • Wide input voltage range: 208~478Vac
  • Wide input frequency range(50Hz: 45~55Hz / 60Hz: 54~66Hz)
  •  Support generator input
  •  Support economic(ECO) operation mode
  •  Self-testing when UPS startup
  •  Options: S NMP card/Relay card / Parallel board
  • Cold start
Data Power Series 6-10KVA 1:1 0.9PF
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